Just start from here
June 02, 2022

I was always trying to make something for myself – not for my projects as always, but I ended up having no spare time sitting next to desk to build a site like this. I felt like the life is not colorful anymore because I spent most of my daily life on simply Computer Science. I could not feel how happy I was on everyday, I could not be so proud of what I had done, and I could hardly calm down to make a beautiful solution.

Since I was in my middle school, I started building websites (not using a modern solution though). Two years ago, I learned Vue, a language I felt so confused on. Half year ago, I met React, and this is how all stories started. Without learning all these things, I may still stick with WorkPress while posting something. It works great, not really painful, but I cannot do much with it if I have no experience on website development. Yeah, I will never regret this decision at all because building a website with CSS and HTML from ground up is way better than using a GUI editor to style the page.

The design of my portfolio is highly inspired by Paco Coursey. I really like how simple, clean, and stylish it is.

Instead of adding as many animations, features, and case studies as possible, this iteration reflects my values of performance, simplicity, and craft. Personal websites are used to describe yourself, over-engineer, showcase your work, and write. I just want mine to describe me, what I’m thinking about, and what I’m building. – Paco Coursey

I believe it is time to take a breath, and re-think why I am doing all these things – there has to be a goal, but I was a bit lost on the way to the end. I wish writing blog could lead me to the other end of my life.

Hah, let's start from here.