Updates of HUMAN: Dashboard in progress
August 04, 2022

It's been several weeks. How is everything going on your side? Humanpage is pushing around in time, and I am feeling good about its progress. There are three toughest parts in this project, and I will tell you more about them in detail.

An All-purpose Dashboard

In the past two weeks, I have been carefully redesigned the dashboard of my old architecture. My goal is to make it look great, clean, and comfortable, which means that I have to be restraint on designing and keep everything organized.

Other than that – this dashboard has to be responsive, which means that I need to consider how interactions should be on the mobile device, and this is a nightmare for dashboard.

In my previous prototype, I used a single back button for navigation on all clients – keep everything sync, but after using it for days, I realize that the interaction is not straight forward. I need to click back button several times in order to back home, and clicking on the web takes time to response, which leads to the issue of back-lagging – this issue never persists on mobile apps.

So, I ended up redesigning a sidebar, which means that a lot of interactions can be done directly through this menu, rather than following the page hierarchy one by one at all time.

I will talk about the mobile dashboard design in the future post.

And there is always a decent dark mode in my project:


For a portfolio platform, content is the core of everything. So we must deliver a great editing experience to our users — I mean all users, which means that I cannot use an easy Markdown editor to fulfill this part because it has some considerable learning cost for most of people.

The plan is that – I will build a What You See Is What You Get editor based on an existing editor library Prosemirror, and add my own extensions. Support of math equations and pictures will be built in an early stage, and more features will be added along the way.

Yeah, math will be supported natively – it is really important for a rich editor nowadays.

A Platform

In the end, I will build this app as a platform, so I will need to handle the things like subdomain routing, public APIs, and custom domain support – huge tasks. I will finish the development of Editor quickly, and wrap this part up as soon as I can in order to start private testing at the end of this summer. If you would like to attend, join the waitlist here. See you in late August!